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LED Industry Will Continue to Prosper throughout 2014
Publisher:hengyu  Date:2014-03-27  Viewed:18334

No matter giants such as Philips and Osram, or enterprises in LED industry chain like Korea and Taiwan, they all hold optimistic attitude and keep investing to LED industry in 2014. The good development of Back-light market, larger scale usage of public and commercial lighting and the speed up of the penetrate rate of home lighting, indicate that LED industry will continue prosper throughout 2014.
Philip and Osram are firmly transiting to LED Lighting market. According to Philip’s season reports and annual report in 2013, the business of LED lighting is growing. Philip’s LED revenue grew up 38% on annual basis in the whole 2013. The annual report indicates that the generalization of LED lighting will lower more than 40% global lighting energy consumption. For Osram’s part, its LED business revenue in 2013 reached 1.528 billion Euro, with a 11.4% growth year on year, making up for 29% of the company’s total revenue. The target of Osram is to increase the LED lighting business up to 50% or more of the whole revenue. Both of these companies believe that efficient and energy saving is the general trend around the world. AS the heighten of people environmental awareness, LED’s dropping price and technology innovations, the LED replacement ear is dawning.

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