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GE Lighting bring China Consumer new affordable LEDs
Publisher:hengyu  Date:2014-03-25  Viewed:20543
Global industry leader GE Lighting has good news to offer its China consumes who are looking for good replacement of incandescent bulbs and economic electricity bills, with the latest introduction of a range of LED lights tailored for consumer use. Named after GE founder Thomas Edison, the Edison® Series comprises LED lights of varied designs and usage and are direct replacements for many traditional light sources.
LED is a revolutionary lighting technology. With continued innovation, it today offers many features that cannot be matched by existing sources such as the incandescent or halogen lights. LEDs’ many advantages include variability of colour, design flexibility, ‘instant on’ and dimming capabilities. These features make them ideal for application in the homes as well as other commercial and outdoor environments.
The energy-efficiency and long lifespan of LED lights make them significantly superior to more traditional sources with regards to total costs. They are also superior from an environmental perspective. Compared with traditional incandescent, LED lamps can reduce energy consumption by more than 70 percent.
Amidst current rising concerns on global warming, many governments across Europe, as well as in the USA and China have put in place legislations to encourage a switch to more environmentally conscious technologies and practices. For the lighting industry in particular, this heralds the phasing out of traditional light sources like incandescent bulbs and the inevitable switch to the more energy-efficient LEDs.
Henry Eng, CEO& President of GE Lighting shared that: “Consumer adoption of LED lights has lagged behind that of other markets such as for commercial, retail and public spaces esp. in China. Key reasons include the perceived higher costs and a lack of product variety. At GE, we have addressed these issues head-on through focused R&D and innovation efforts to develop sustainable LED products to meet a broad spectrum of requirements. Our latest Edison® Series LEDs captured the needs to offer consumers an ideal range of products that offer usage flexibility and value-for-money. It will be exciting to see households being able to tap directly into the LED technology to illuminate their homes with a light source that is both affordable and energy-efficient.”

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